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Ashur Bet Sargis in Denmark - May 29th 2010 - ZOWAA

Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA) - Denmark Committee has arranged the party of the Famous Assyrian Singer Ashur Bet... more

Assyrians in Denmark voted for Alrafidain List 389 (ZOWAA)

Assyrians in Denmark voted for Alrafidain List 389 (ZOWAA) in the Iraqi elections 2010 from March 5th - 7th 2010. Pho... more

Interview with Assyrian Democratic Movement - Europe Committee.

Assyrian Babylon radio interviewed Mr. Nwail Skharya, Assyrian Democratic Movement - Europe Committee in a special progr... more

Assyrian Associations
Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union

Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union has been established in May 2001. The idea behind the foundation is to bring Assyrian Yo... more

Christian Assyrian Children & Youth Association.

The activities of the association are primarily directed to children and youngsters who are from 5 to 24 years old. E... more

Assyrian Babylon Radio is your radio station, we play the songs that you want to hear. To request your song please fill out the following form and write your message/dedication and send it to us.
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New Releases
Dakh Maten...? - Rama Younan

Assyrian Singer form Sweden Rama Younan has just released the third volume of hi... more

Hasrate d Khoba - Maqdonia Bet Samano

You can now listen to the first Album of the Assyrian singer Maqdonia Bet Samano... more

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Assyrian Babylon Radio

Assyrian Babylon Radio channel I and channel II, are two Assyrian online radio Channels broadcasts by Assyrian Youth Media in Denmark.

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